Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mountain Cat

On which side and which way you would not be riding in Simeiz mountain cat will always be ahead of you. You can see it from all sides, but only from the west and the east, it really looks like a cat. Even without knowing what it looks like, do you recognize her at first sight - So characteristic of its features, like a giant cat got ready to jump. But if you climb to the top of Ai-Petri, the mountain cat is more like a mouse: passing near the track turns into a giant tail. If we go along this route further, by Katsiveli mountain cat starts to look like a giant rhino. But no matter how you played our imagination, a mountain cat in Simeiz.

Why is the mountain called "cat"? It would seem pretty obvious. But the modern name of "mountain cat" comes from the Crimean Tatar "Kosh-Kai." "Kai" means "rock", "Kosh" - "pair". After the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the name of the Russian population has been transformed into something more meaningful, "cat". But also in shape like a mountain cat, it is not surprising that the "Koch-Kaya" has become a "mountain cat".

Mountain Cat - one of the most colorful and interesting landscape monuments Crimean coast. By its nature it is xenoliths from the main ridge of the Crimean mountains and gradually moved down the slope to the sea. And as modern look acquired about a million years ago. Gore was one with the backbone Jajly and served as an insurmountable barrier separating the southern coast. After the construction of highway Yalta-Sevastopol in 1972, the mountain cat artificially divided into two parts. Height southern cat 255 meters above sea level, the North - 211 meters above sea level.
Gore was populated in the IV millennium BC. e. At the top of the remains of the Taurus Mountains and the largest settlement in Crimea Taurus burial (VI-II centuries BC), the so-called "Taurus dolmens" beyond the track. In the Middle Ages there were several fortresses in the X-XIII centuries. At the bottom - on the mountain panel, opposite the rock Divas - Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a monastery basilica XB. with a mosaic floor and a stone vault with thirty Byzantine burials relating to the VIII-X centuries. Genoese in the XIV-XV centuries. reconstructed building of the monastery in his fortress panel.
Cat on the mountain slopes and huge thickets of oak fluffy, juniper, pistachio tupolistnoy evergreen and deciduous tree strawberry tree. But most of all stored on the mountain air is saturated with fragrance of juniper. It is useless to describe, should be felt. The slopes of the mountain can be called a museum landforms. Giant stone chaos mixed with huge stone peaks and towers, heavy karst formations, in some places stretching out into the mountains to the depths of 80 meters.

Even if you have never been in Simeiz, but resting on the southern coast of Crimea, get in the car, bus and go to the mountain cat, and you will not regret! Climb better from the north, on which in a small observation platform on which to park the car. Hence, too, and begins the ascent to the very mountain cat. But even with the type of site is just great! But the cat on the mountain itself has a few places that offer a smart panorama: the Black Sea, the main ridge of the Crimean mountains, view of the Ai-Petri, well Simeiz clearly. Photos from the viewing platforms mountain cat can be stunning - see photo Simeiz. Unique landscape and climate attracts many years, artists, poets, writers, and tourists who want to relax in the "Little Italy."

Close to the mountain and the other cat is also a kind of natural attractions in form: standing in a sea of ​​rock diva, rock fragments Monk (destroyed by the storm), the rock panel and Swan wing. On these rocks Legends of Rock Diva, Monk and The Cat in Simeiz.

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